I offer a complete repair package for the home users or Business users, we treat all our customers the same and give them 100% of my time and expertise. I don’t claim to know everything but I know a lot.

PC’s are an important part of our lives now and I understand how a broken PC can impact on your life. Simple things such as chatting with friends, checking our on line banking, or shopping are now done more than ever over the internet which means we need a medium to access it.

A PC is an extension of our life and without it we often find ourselves lost and unsure of what to do with our new found time.

I aim to repair your PC as quick as possible, often the only delay we have is getting the new parts delivered!

We recommend using our PC health check service and with a set fee there is no hidden charges or nasty surprises. For the time this takes, it could often mean you won’t have to live without your PC for a couple of days, whilst more serious work is under taken.

We have listed some of the more common issues that may occur with your PC, if you are experiencing any of these then contact us now before the issue becomes to serious!