Secure data removal

We offer a secure data deletion service for all hard drives.

We have a set price for data erasing a hard drive of £45.00

If you want us to securely delete the data and destroy the hard-drive (via drilling the plateau) the cost is £50.00

If you leave us the hard drive (after secure deletion of data) then it goes down to £35.00

If you leave us the computer it was in for recycling the cost is  £20.00

The data erasure/data wiping is a method of software based overwriting that completely destroys all electronic data residing on a hard disk drive. Permanent data erasure goes beyond basic file deletion commands, which only removes direct pointers to the actual files and makes data recovery possible with common software tools. Unlike degaussing or physical destruction, which render the disk unusable, data erasure/data wiping removes all information while leaving the hard disk drive operable, preserving assets and the environment.

We can erase 1 hard-drive or a fair few whilst we are not working on one hard-drive (one that is waiting for erasure) it is stored in a secure safe whilst awaiting to be erased.

Each hard drive has a report produced confirming the type of data erasure used and confirming that the data has been removed.

We cater for the single use person (upgrading their computer and wanting their old computer securely erasing – we can also recycle.

We follow strict data protection rules and are data protection compliant, we will never share any of your data or even look at it unless you ask us to.

We follow DIPCOG Guidelines

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As well as WEEE Guidelines

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If you have any questions then please ask.