I try to keep my prices as straight forward as possible, I won’t attempt any work until you are happy with the price I have provided.

Unlike other companies in the area I do not charge extra if your computer is linked to a business, I like to keep my prices as straight forward as possible.

There may be times when other issues may arise once I start the work, if such an issue does arise (usually very rare) then I will discuss the issue with you in detail and explain what the problem is and how it may have occurred.

Below is a price list of the more common tasks I perform:

Virus and malware removal (usually takes 2+ hours) £60 (although we recommend the PC health check as this updates system files which can allow virus’s onto the system)

Pc health check £65

Data transfer (from old computer to new one) £45

Laptop replacement screens from £85

Windows re-install £60

My hourly rate is £40 (sometimes this may be negotiable depending on the type of job required)

We accept payment by cash, cheque, direct bank transfer and Paypal