PC health check

Why do computers need health checks? I am often asked this question a lot when I repair someones PC, the simple answer is, it’s a preventative method. How can a PC health check help your computer? simply put, over a computer’s lifetime certain things happen to it that slows it down and basically stops it from doing what its supposed to do.

It can help extend the life of a PC and the hardware contained within.

An analogy a customer once used is getting your car serviced (oil change, etc) to stop the engine from seizing up, this can be applied to a computer, its best to spend a little on giving it a service before it breaks down and costs twice the amount of money to repair it.

The health check includes the following*:

  • Clean the inside of the computer and make sure it is dust free, cleaning all internal fans and checking to make sure they are working as they should
  • Check all connections and wires inside the computer, ensuring the CPU fan is seated properly, ram and all cables are connected.
  • Hardware check (RAM, CPU, Hard-drive) to check if they are failing or any other issues that could potentially be responsible for slowing down the computer.
  • Clean the computer registry – this is the main computer database and stores all the settings and file locations for your computer. This gets clogged up over time (main causes are adding and removing programs, deleting files, and general usage) This can help speed up the system (we use several programs to ensure it gets the best treatment.
  • Disabling of start-up programs on start-up. This happens sometimes without our knowledge and a program can add an update check or just start up when we turn on the computer, this slows down the system a lot and often these programs are not needed.
  • Removal of software that causes pop ups and other annoying things.
  • Check that the operating system is up to date with all updates and security updates.
  • Update programs such as Java, Flash-player and any other programs that may be out of date and can cause a serious security issue
  • Check that the antivirus is up to date and advise when not.
  • Update the system drivers, frequently updated to solve issues people may have, these are often over looked by most IT companies as it is too much work for them to do, I understand the importance of these updates and will update when possible. Driver updates are often the cause of some issues such as internet connection dropping or slowing down of computer resources.
  • Removal of Junk files that accumulate on the system (these come from different sources such as surfing the internet, word processing, and lots more other stuff we do each day).
  • Virus, Malware and Trojan Removal – Antivirus can often allow malicious software onto the system with out your realization I use specialist programs to remove any harmful files.

We recommend that people who use their systems often try to get a PC service as often as they can afford, after all it is a preventative measure and sometimes when computer’s break down we lose everything we have stored on it.

*The health check does not include any parts that we recommend you replace. This does not happen often but on the rare occasion we can supply and fit any parts that may be needed.