Laptop Recycling & Computer Recycling

Looking to upgrade your computer but wondering what to do with your old one.

We can recycle it for you.

Want to ensure that your personal information does not fall into the wrong hands? we offer a deal were we will wipe your data using Military grade software to ensure that your data can not be retrieved and used by unscrupulous people.

Whether its just one item or lots we can help dispose of them safely and securely.

Some questions we have been asked if anything is not clear or you would like more information then please contact us either by phone, email or text we are happy to discuss your needs with you.

How much does it cost?

We recycle for free we charge £20 if you want us to securely erase your data.

What can you recycle?

We can take:

Laptop computers

Desktop computers Including peripherals

Hard drives internal or external

SSD drives internal or external

USB hard drives or USB Sticks



Will you take broken stuff?

Yes if its on the list above

What stuff can`t you recycle?

We can’t recycle printers however we will still take them with your other stuff as a good will gesture, we then use a third party to recycle them. We can’t recycle ink cartridges as we do not have the facilities to, however if you have a full cartridge that you know longer need we will happily take it of you. CRT Monitors however we will take them and dispose of them as a goodwill gesture if you are recycling other stuff.

What we do with the stuff we recycle

We try to reuse all the stuff we get in either by refurbishing them or stripping them down to parts, if we cant reuse any of the stuff we get, then we dispose of it properly and not just throw it into the rubbish bin like most other IT companies.

How we go about it

We can collect it from you or you are welcome to drop it off to me, If you would like us to ensure your data can not be retrieved then we aim to do it on the same day we can even issue a receipt and proof of the destruction (via email only).

If you are a company and have a few computers that need wiping then that may take longer to do, however we aim to do it as quick as possible, whilst we hold your computer for secure disposal the hard drive is removed and stored in a safe when we are in the process of erasing the data so you can rest assured we have your data covered.

How far will you travel to take away our stuff?

At present we only offer this service locally however if you would like to send us your stuff then you can and we will reimburse you for the postage costs please email us first and we will discuss your needs.

Why can’t I just sell it?

You can but is it worth the hassle? You can sell it with out doing anything and using software its possible to recover data from years ago – bank statements, log in details, personal emails, personal details etc.

You could reinstall your operating system but the above is still easy to achieve

The only way to ensure your details are safe is to securely delete the data so it can’t be recovered then the operating system installed over it cost wise this can rack up to £100’s of pounds. What we do is cover these costs with a nominal £20 for securely deleting your data.

Why don’t you give us money back for our stuff like other companies?

In simple terms they don’t offer the service we offer, we ensure you stuff has no trace of you left on them, other companies just sell them off as they get them often to overseas countries who in tern can access your data and use it for their financial gain and your financial loss.

We have costs to cover as well and the majority of stuff that is resell-able is only worth around £30, once we have deducted costs then the profit is minimal.