Desktop Services

Backwell computer repair

Desk top computers are still the choice for many people and with cheaper parts, that usually have twice the content than laptop parts, they are very much still the best choice for offices and business.

Desktop computers like most things need to be looked after, they tend to get mistreated and put under a desk or jammed up against a wall. I would advise having it serviced once a year at least. A typical service not only looks at the software on the computer but also the internal workings making sure it is dust free and working as it should.

Desktop computer have fans which suck in and blow out air these can become quickly coated in dust and hair depending on their surroundings (even the cleanest houses can still suffer, they are commonly referred to as dust magnets!) this hinders the air flow which causes the internal parts to slow down or stop working, I recommend having it cleaned or serviced often.

Some of the more common issues I deal with

  • Hard drive crashes.
  • Memory crashes (blue screens to often and restarts).
  • Computer wont switch on (no power).
  • Won’t start up (gets to windows loading screen then reboots).
  • Computer beeps when turned on and nothing happens.
  • Computer starts to make funny noises when turned on.
  • Issues with video cards.
  • CD or DVD drive jammed or not working.

Common software issues

  • Computer running slow
  • Virus or malware
  • Pop ups or errors on screen
  • Issues with printers
  • Antivirus not fuctioning properly
  • Not connecting to the internet
  • program stop responding to frequently

Computer upgrades

  • Hard drive upgrade or install a new one.
  • CD or DVD drive upgrade (commonly to a CD or DVD writer).
  • Memory upgrade (helps speed the computer up).
  • Replacement processors.
  • Replacement motherboards.
  • Graphics card replacement or install.
  • Replacement power supply.
  • Converting hardwired internet connection to a wireless connection
  • Better cooling for better performance (common with high end gaming machines)

We can also advise on custom builds, or build them for you within a price budget ensuring you get the best for your money.