About Chris

A Little about me:


My name is Chris (owner and the only person that works here!) I currently live in Backwell with my wife,children and various pets. My interests are computers and other geeky things!

My children take up the rest of my free time!

About my experience

I have 20 years experience of providing support to computer users in various fields of use.

I am currently providing full time support to a local secondary school, so due to this I am working reduced hours (mostly evenings and weekends)

I have been working for myself for the last 8 years in and around the North Somerset area and have built up a good customer base that return with their issues. I provide support to home and business users.No matter how small the issue is I am always happy to help either with hands on support or via a quick chat on the telephone or email.

I take a keen interest in new technology and I am constantly amazed with what is on the market, I am a self confessed geek and enjoy learning about new technology.

My years of experience has been built up over different positions I have held and even when i wasn’t employed to co-ordinate IT systems within companies, I still ended up working on these systems to make them more business focused or user friendly.

I provided support for different IT things to different levels of users, offering sympathetic training to people who have never used a computer to training whole classrooms, on how a specific type of software is going to make their workload a lot easier.

In 2001 I took my first IT course (this was the first of many) in PC repair and upgrade , this was the precursor for the rest of my career in IT.

A lot of my IT experience has been built up in corporate sectors, providing help desk support and server administration. My last job seen me hone my skills in web design and hosting.

The support I provided for people in excess of 250 users was a lot different than the support you receive at home, this knowledge was built up through a business I was part of in Liverpool which provided support to the home user, I learn’t quickly that the support you provide to corporate businesses was a lot different to the support you provide to people at home,there was a range of different issues to deal with and that above all you have to be polite, friendly and approachable.

I pride myself on being straight talking and try not to baffle people with terminology that they probably have never heard before, I like to think I have a good friendly and approachable nature, I am honest and having been on the end of bad service and repairs for other items in the past, believe that it shouldn’t cost the Earth to get the service I offer.

If its not worth fixing then I won’t fix it!